Whale Wars Season 4 Episode 3: Ghost in the Machine

Posted by Tembang Lawas Friday, June 17, 2011 0 comments
It has been said that everybody, as well as plants and animals have soul. If this can be true, then we would all be facing a really dangerous era these days. Legends say that, when a person is killed with grudge in his heart, his soul is then left to hunt vengeance. whether or not legends and stories were true or not, and whether or not me and you believes it or not, we would be facing one thing in our method which will create the legends come back true, which we are going to be left to appreciate that those people stories we’ve heard before isn’t simply stories within the pasts, however are true and continues to be happening currently. I don’t recognize if you guys believe it or not, however there’s this new episode on June 17, 2011 entitled Whale Wars Season four Episode three “Ghost within the Machine” that sort of creating me suppose if machines have souls too?

I know you guys are quite freak out on the new episode Whale Wars Season four Episode three “Ghost within the Machine”. I’m not extremely positive myself. this can be an ongoing documentary tv series on June 17, 2011 concerning saving Whale’s from being butchered and instinct from man’s selfishness and illegal activities. however on this episode, it’s additional like working out who’s behind of these commotions within the MV Goijira ship. Do machines have soul too, that it will create the ships turbine work while not being turned on? I don’t recognize what's extremely happening here? Is it extremely the souls of the machine? Or the souls of the animals that we’re left butchered are creating their method into the $64000 world to let Steve Irwin and Bob Barker feel their grudge and therefore the where concerning of the lads who killed them?

So, if you guys see how MV Goijira’s machine is being haunted, watch Whale Wars Season four Episode three “Ghost within the Machine” on-line this coming back seventeenth of June 2011.